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What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Employee Onboarding Software is a tool that enables you to get your new hires inside your company before their first day. It streamlines the document management process, manages forms, and makes sure your new employees stay upbeat.

What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Before their first day, new employees can self-onboard using a computer or a mobile device. The hiring software manages every aspect of the hiring process, including background checks, offer letters, adding new employees to payroll, benefits, and even integrated partner apps.

What makes the best employee onboarding software?

There are many tools and applications available that have an employee training feature. Although it comes with most HR tools by default, it frequently lacks depth and engagement. The best, most interesting, and most useful employee onboarding tools were what I set out to discover. Here is what I was trying to find as I was testing:

Utilization convenience

The onboarding application must be easy to use whether you are onboarding one new employee or hundreds. Instead of adding challenging stages, awkward navigation, or convoluted processes, it should help simplify and streamline your current process.

Automated workflows and operations

By automating some (or all) of your employee training procedures, you can save time while ensuring that everyone has an excellent onboarding experience. I’ve searched for onboarding software that enables you to create a repeatable method or workflow.

Alternatives for customization

Although procedures are excellent, you should also try to add unique touches to the encounter. These apps offer you some great methods to personalize and make an impact, including image uploading and dashboard customization.

Self-serve options

It should be simple and quick for your new hires to locate and upload papers. I’ve given priority to apps with self-service capabilities to aid users in familiarizing themselves with your business and navigating the registration procedure without difficulty.

Features of involvement and culture

It can be isolating to go through a digital onboarding procedure. During my testing, I looked for apps that had capabilities that would enable you to use presentations, quizzes, and updates to bring some of your business cultures to life.

Employee Onboarding Software

The tools listed below are some of the best ones for quickly onboarding new employees, ensuring that they have a good experience, and assisting new hires in becoming productive members of the team.

Software1:  Scribe

With the help of the tool Scribe, it is simpler to create employee onboarding materials and for new employees to learn how to perform their duties.


It is a Chrome extension or desktop application that records a workflow you wish to document and converts it into screenshots and step-by-step directions. The days of pasting screenshots into Word documents for HR teams and hiring managers are over; Scribe now immediately creates these guides for your team.

These manuals can be distributed among people, made available to a group or organization, or integrated into a wiki or help center.

The extension for Scribe is free and limitless. Its desktop recorder is accessible with the Pro plan for $29/month per user, along with some other features like image redaction.


  • Free Chrome extension
  • Instantly creates work instructions, SOPs, and other internal documents
  • Guides embed into a knowledge base, wiki, project management tools, CMS
  • Instantly updated guides

Software 2: Continue

Continu is a cutting-edge learning platform designed for business organizations to save time and money by automating repetitive onboarding tasks, accelerating the onboarding of new employees, enhancing training ROI, and increasing learner engagement. To spend less time creating content and more time empowering your learners, Continu offers deep integrations with the tools your company already uses. This makes it simple to import or write content directly within our platform.


Pricing is determined by a unique estimate divided into user seats. Tiers include “Starter” for individual counts of 150 or more, “Professional” for counts of 1,000 or more, and “Enterprise” for counts of 5,000 or more.


  • Using robust eLearning authoring tools, create complete training courses.
  • Host online training sessions with instructors
  • Produce enlightening reports on student conduct
  • Deliver critical training materials to internal and external users
  • SCORM compliant

Software 3: Zelt

Zelt is an employee tool made to support your team in producing outstanding work. It provides them with everything they require, including compensation, perks, equipment, software, vacation time, and more. Additionally, everything is provided in an automated, user-friendly manner that makes it simple for your team to obtain what they require.


For any of their product modules, they provide two tiers, the most premium of which, based on the module, ranges in price from £3 to £5 per user per month for basic use.


  • Run payroll end-to-end in under 60 seconds
  • Integration between their payroll and payments module allows organizations to make all salary, pension, and HMRC payments in bulk and at once
  • Ability to automate the onboarding and offboarding process

Software 4: BambooHR

BambooHR, one of the most well-liked all-around HR options on the market, hides strong onboarding capabilities behind a straightforward user interface.


The software enables you to take advantage of potent features like application tracking and e-signatures to create slick onboarding procedures that your new hires (and hiring supervisors) will adore.

There are two levels of BambooHR: “Essentials” and “Advantage.”

Unfortunately, complete onboarding capability is only available with the more expensive “Advantage” package. The business will provide you with a quote that is based on your specific needs and budget.


  • Electronic signature software to complete paperwork for new hires more quickly 
  • Custom workflows
  • Open API
  • 7-day free trial

Software 5: Eddy

With Eddy, the registration procedure is entirely paperless. The hiring and onboarding process can be streamlined by using 100% digital methods for creating, sending, signing, and storing all of your HR papers.


Additionally, Eddy makes it so simple to use that new workers can onboard themselves. The new hire can handle everything independently, from setting up their own Eddy profile to digitally signing papers. You could use those approximately five hours per new hire elsewhere. Your new hire onboarding duties are trackable thanks to Eddy.

Except for interviews, your new employee likely has little prior exposure to your business. They don’t know several things about working with you. Before they arrive, you can give them all of this information via Eddy.


  • All-in-one HR platform
  • Specialises in deskless workers
  • Trackable task list
  • First-day messaging

Software 6: Zenefits

With the HR platform Zenefits, you can handle tasks like hiring, onboarding, and maintaining employee records all in one location.


You’ll be able to create unique onboarding processes, distribute job offers, conduct background checks, and allow new employees to finish their onboarding before reporting for duty.

What’s best? To guarantee that everything is up and running with just a few easy clicks, all information is synchronized with payroll and benefits. The cost begins at $8 per month.


  • One-stop Personnel platform
  • Personalized offer notes
  • Background Screening
  • The payroll connection is simple.

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